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"Customised People Development"

Our core services also reflect our core beliefs and philosophy. Visions Consulting believes that a person’s individual dreams, values, deeply felt beliefs, and perceptions in life directly influence and govern the behaviour of that person in all situations and walks of life.

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Our Consulting Services


  • Psychometric Profiling (Refer to our “e-solutions” for more detail)
  • Business Culture Strategies.
  • People Branding Strategies.
  • Recruitment and Selection Strategies.
  • Remuneration Strategies.
  • Leadership (Strategic) Planning Processes.
  • Process Improvement Mapping.
  • Writing of Policies and Procedures.
  • Designing of customised Training and Development Manuals.
  • Development of Business Plans.
  • Performance Management Strategies and Processes.
  • Reward and Recognition Strategies.
  • Talent Management Strategies.
  • Communication Strategies.
  • Educational Improvement Projects.
  • Team Development Processes
  • (Belbin Team Role Profiling Processes)
  • People Change Management Processes
  • Leadership Development Processes
  • People Diversity Programmes
  • Coaching and Mentoring Services
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Life Long Learning Processes
  • Succession Planning Strategies
  • Organisational Survey Administration, Analysis, Feedback and Improvement Plans (Web Enabled)


Our Learning Services

“We have access to hundreds of learning courses and we tailor unique learning journeys for our clients.”

Our E-Solutions

We Provide customised Web-enabled E-Solutions and Professional Consulting and Counseling Services related to these products:


  • Belbin Team Roles
  • DISC Profiling (related to either work, home or school environments):
  • Disc Personality Style Report (21-25 Individual Behaviour Report)
    • Cognitive Thinking Style Report
    • Values Style Report
    • Spiritual Gifts Report (Christian)
    • 360 Degree Feedback Surveys
  • Staff Satisfaction Surveys
  • Organizational Climate Surveys
  • Performance Management Solutions
People Branding

Visions Consulting believes that a person’s individual dreams, values, deeply felt beliefs and perceptions in life directly influence and govern the behaviour of that person in all situations and walks of life. This means that a person will come to work with his/her dreams, values, belief system and perceptions, which will have a direct impact on the culture and overall success of the business in which the person is employed. Leaders should therefore aim to attract and retain people that share the same values and deeply felt beliefs as the business.

Visions Consulting assists companies with defining Business Culture Strategies, processes and initiatives in an effort to ensure that the desired business culture is inculcated into the business fibre and that people live the values.

Visions Consulting assists companies with defining People Branding Strategies aligned to its overall business cultural objectives in an effort to attract and retain people that share the same values and deeply held beliefs of the relevant business.

Visions Consulting also assists companies in their Recruitment And Selection Processes in an effort to matching the right people with the right jobs in the right environment.

People Behaviour

Visions Consulting believes that it is the experiences in life that moulds people into behaving in specific ways in different situations and/or environments. Therefore, we believe that a person’s behaviour can be influenced and changed on condition that the expected behaviour change is not in conflict with the person’s individual core values and belief system. Sustainable change is only possible if people voluntarily travel on the journey of change.

Visions Consulting facilitates Team Development Interventions for businesses where the primary objective is to align people towards driving towards common objectives.

Visions Consulting facilitates People Change Processes whereby people are progressively prompted to do in-depth introspection into their own value system and deeply held beliefs. The primary objective is to identify behaviour that should be changed because it is unhealthy for the individual and/or has an adverse effect on his/her ability to contribute optimally to his/her working environment. This is a powerful intervention to make people aware of their strengths as well as their individual development needs.

Hearts of People

Appeal to the Hearts and Souls of People

Visions Consulting believes that people is the primary and single most important resource in ensuring business success. The leader that successfully leverages off of the accumulated strengths of his/her people and unlocks the potential of his/her human resources will secure sustainable business success.

We believe that business will succeed in achieving its business objectives if leadership appeals to the ‘hearts and souls’ of the individuals that works in the organization.

Visions Consulting facilitates Leadership Development team interventions that focuses on the individual roles, strengths and possible challenges of leadership teams. The Leadership Development sessions are extremely powerful in binding teams together, and in identifying and clarifying common objectives and people centered solutions for ensuring business success going forward. It also addresses potential dysfunctional group dynamics.

Visions Consulting facilitates sessions for leadership teams at different levels within a business, i.e. executive leadership, senior leadership, operational leadership, and supervisory leadership.

Passionate Competent People

Visions Consulting believes that any successful business is influenced by leaders that have a clearly defined, realistic vision of how the future should look, communicate the vision clearly to all stakeholders and also understand that the vision can only be achieved by taking passionate, competent people along on the journey of discovering the rewards in realising the vision.

Visions Consulting believes that people need to enjoy what they are doing (passion), however, that people will only enjoy what they are doing if they are doing what they want and like to do and know how to do it well (competence).

We believe that competence consists of three components:

  • knowledge of what a person is doing or supposed to do;
  • the skills to effectively (doing the right things) and efficiently (doing the right things really well) apply knowledge and to do what a person is supposed to do;
  • the degree to which a person is demonstrating the desired attitude and behaviour in terms of the relevant business culture.

Visions Consulting believes that all three these components of competence (knowledge, skills and behaviour) should be present in a person in order to make that person competent. This means that if a person has the desired knowledge and skills, however, do not demonstrate the required attitude and behaviour relevant to the culture of the business, then such person would not be classified as being competent for the business. Hence, all three components need to be present in order to classify a person as being competent. Focused competency development interventions need to be engaged in order to address any shortcomings in any of these components in a person.

Visions Consulting facilitates customised People Development Programmes to address relevant and appropriate development requirements. The customised programmes that are facilitated include:

  • People Engineering: A shift from Human Resource Management.
  • Reinventing myself.
  • Organisational Reengineering.
  • Leadership Skills.
  • Supervisory Skills.
  • My Business-My Culture.
  • Business Relationships.
  • Leading Business Negotiations.
  • Leading Change in Dynamic Organisations.
  • Root Cause Analysis.
  • Effective Business Planning.
  • Managing Outcomes Based Meetings.
  • Business Communication Skills.
  • Establishing a Performance Driven Culture: Beyond merely measuring outputs.
  • Understanding the Value of People Diversity.
  • Understanding and Responding to Conflict Situations.
  • Team Dynamics: An Interdependence Approach.
  • Self Management.
  • Time Management.
  • People Branding: A new recruitment paradigm.
  • How to Write Business Policies.
  • Leading Labour Relations.
  • Coaching and Mentoring Skills.

Visions Consulting also specializes in the wiring of tailored Job/Role Profiles and Competency Profiles for companies.


Visions Consulting passionately believes that leadership encompasses more than mere focusing on the business vision, culture, business objectives and understanding the dynamics of people. We believe that a critical component of leadership is that a leader should have relevant sound technical knowledge and skills of the particular business which he/she is supposed to lead. Technical knowledge, skills and general know-how gives the leader credibility amongst their peers, followers and all other stakeholders. Therefore, we believe that leadership is a coming together of many elements: the ability to have a clear vision of the future; the ability to communicate the vision, mission and objectives clearly to all stakeholders; the ability to influence people to willingly work to achieve the vision and business objectives; the ability to lead root cause problem solving analysis processes by making use of his/her unique technical know-how; the ability to move people into action; and the ability to show compassion for people.

Visions Consulting assists companies with Leadership Planning Processes by facilitating strategic planning interventions based on international best practice models (step 1). It then assists companies with aligning the various business units within the company to the overall Leadership Plan of the business in order to secure synergy going forward (step2). Visions Consulting then proceeds to define a relevant communication strategy to effectively communicate the Leadership Plan to all levels in the organisation in an effort to obtain the buy-in and support of all people within the company (step 3).

Visions Consulting assists companies with developing dynamic Talent Management Strategies in an effort to identify, develop and retain the Talent Pool (high performing people that demonstrate congruent behaviour in line with the relevant company’s values and has the potential and ability to move to higher levels of responsibility and accountability) of a company.

Productive People

Happy People Are Productive People

Visions Consulting believes that passionate people create a conducive environment for innovation and continuous improvement. Passionate people inspire fellow team members to come into their own by expressing themselves through their own unique abilities in their work.
We belief that the challenge that modern business is facing today is to leverage off of individual diversity and to acknowledge the individual interests of people; to unlock their potential through understanding their personal visions in life and to create the environment that allows people to engage activities and work what gives them energy and fuels their passion in life. Only then will people be able to be passionate about their work and will they be optimally productive.

We believe that happy people, are productive people!

Visions Consulting facilitates an intensive People Diversity Programme that challenges people on their perceptions about themselves, their peers, their followers, their companies and about life in general. It challenges people to move to higher levels of consciousness and to take charge of their own lives: To passionately live life, purposefully and deliberately.

Life long Learning

Visions Consulting believes that each and every person is on a journey of life-long learning: it starts on the day that we are born and ends on the day that we leave this life.

We believe that each and every person needs to take responsibility and accountability for his/her own life experiences, development and growth in their journey of life-long learning.

We belief that every moment in life, is a learning experience and therefore we belief that the most effective learning takes place in natural settings, i.e. the daily work situation, the family environment, through people interaction, moments of truth in nature, etc.


  • Visions Consulting develops Capacity Building Strategies And Processes for companies.
  • Visions Consulting facilitates Personal Development Plan Processes for companies.
  • Visions Consulting facilitates Coaching And Mentoring Programmes for companies.
Our Children are the future

Visions Consulting believes that the children of all the nations in the world are the entrepreneurs, business minds and leaders of the future. Our children will set the pace for the future and therefore we believe that every nation should take great care in ensuring that education systems are adequate, relevant, caring and of an exceptional high standard.

We should ensure that we do not harm our children in any way during their formative years and to provide our children with the best education possible with the resources at our disposal. We should create the most educational conducive environment for our children in which they can flourish and blossom into mature, well-balanced individuals that will contribute to life.

In fact: business should not harm its people in any way – ever!

Visions Consulting engages Educational Improvement Projects for educational institutions, like schools, educational trusts and tertiary institutions.

Visions Consulting engages Educational Feasibility Studies for the potential establishment of educational facilities like private schools, educational trusts and tertiary institutions.

Visions Consulting facilitates Teacher Team Development Programmes to expose teachers to the most current child centred development paradigms and to emphasise the fundamental importance of being constantly aware of the development stages of children and the impact of life’s experiences on the development of our future leaders.

Visions Consulting facilitates an interactive and highly pragmatic School Management Programme to equip school management teams with the skills to effectively lead and manage schools.

Visions Consulting facilitates exciting, visionary team development programmes with Student Representative Councils (SRC). SRC members are challenged early in life to develop a personal vision in life and to define individual values. Group dynamics are explored in an effort to make leaders aware of the value in diversity and equipped with the skills to leverage off of individual strengths.


Visions Consulting believes that people should draw on lessons from past experiences to solve present challenges and to anticipate future challenges. We believe that the cornerstone of successful business and people processes is effective continuous communication. We believe that if we engage people and encourage people to share their ideas and experiences – irrespective of the status and level of people in a business – that all challenges will be solved by the business. We believe that the solutions to most challenges are already known by people working in a particular business. The art is to create the appropriate communication forums where people are allowed to share their ideas and opinions.

Visions Consulting develops Communication Strategies aligned to the company’s overall strategic and operational plans with the primary objective that the right forums are created where people can be informed of developments and where the company can draw on the experience and ideas of its people.

Wisdom in Simplicity

Visions Consulting believes that business processes and people are complex in nature and behaviour, but, that the solutions to business processes and people challenges should be simple in nature and process. We believe that each business should develop its own unique signature in doing business by embracing the innovative ideas of its people. We believe that there is no substitute for clear logic!

Visions Consulting engages Business Improvement Processes to unlock efficiencies and synergies in companies. It assists companies to develop a shared vision, mission and organisational culture with the ultimate goal to ensure increased profitability.

Visions Consulting assists companies in developing Business Plans.

Visions Consulting specialises in Human Resources Strategies, Policies and Procedures and therefore engages technical Human Resources Projects such as the writing of relevant and appropriate Policies and Procedures, assist with annual Authorized Complement Planning, Job Profiling, Remuneration Strategies, Recruitment & Selection Processes, Performance Management Processes, Reward and Recognition Strategies, Organisational Development Processes, and Training & Development Interventions.